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Animesh Pradhan: Rank 2 UPSC Topper 2023

Everything you need to know about Animesh Pradhan – AIR 2 UPSC Topper 2023

  • Name – Animesh Pradhan
  • Hometown/City : Bhalugadia Village, Talcher, (Odisha)
  • Roll Number : 6312512
  • Year of Appearance : 2023
  • Attempts : First
  • Optional subject : Sociology
  • Age : 24 years

Animesh Pradhan’s Biography

Animesh Pradhan, hailing from the city of black diamond Talcher, which is in the Angul district of the state Odisha, has become a source of inspiration with his steadfastness and determination to many aspirants of UPSC by securing a staggering rank 2 on the all-India basis. What makes his success more motivational is the circumstances under which he achieved his success. His indomitable spirit and unwavering efforts came to fruition with his ultimate success in cracking the UPSC in his first attempt. Born and brought up in Odisha, Animesh has done both his schooling and higher education in his native state. It was in the duration of his education that he decided to try for the esteemed UPSC and rightly so his endeavours at cracking the much venerated exam came true on 16th of April 2024 with the announcement of UPSC results.

Animesh Pradhan’s Educational Background

As far as education goes Animesh Pradhan has always been among the toppers. A staggering score of 98% on the intermediate exam is a testimony of his academic excellence. He has done his schooling at DAV Public School, MCL of his native city Talcher. After this, he pursued his career in Computer science and engineering by doing his B.Tech at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Rourkela. His days at NIT Rourkela proved to be the formative one where he not only developed the required skills in his pursued field but also invigorated his desire to contribute to society at large. Likewise, he started preparing for the UPSC exams in 2022 by dedicating 6 to 7 hours daily for the preparation.

Animesh Pradhan’s work experience

After graduating from NIT Rourkela with a degree in Computer science and engineering, Animesh Pradhan embarked upon his professional journey. He started this journey by bagging the job of an Information System Officer at Indian Oil Corporation Limited. It must need to be mentioned that he was preparing for his UPSC exams while doing his job in Delhi.

Animesh Pradhan’s Family

Animesh Pradhan is from Bhalugadia, a small village in Talcher, Odisha. He was the son of Pravakar Pradhan and Aruna Patra. He also has a sister. As ill luck would have it. Animesh had to suffer the loss of his father to a heart attack when he was in Class 11th. It was his father who instilled in him the aspiration of becoming an IAS and true to his legacy. He prepared himself mentally to take up this venture in the years to come.

Animesh was recovering from the grief of losing his father when the diagnosis of his mother of stage 4 cancer came, leaving him shattered. He in an interview attributed her mother to be the pillar of strength during the whole journey of cracking the UPSC exam. However, his mother could not live to see the achievements of his son and died in the month of January prior to his UPSC interview.

Animesh Pradhan’s Optional Subject and UPSC Preparation

Animesh Pradhan started preparing for UPSC exams in 2022, a dream he long cherished to fulfill since his school days. Rightfully, he ventured upon fulfilling his dream as well as his parents’ dream by appearing in the 2023 UPSC exams while doing a full-fledged job. It was also the time of his mother’s diagnosis of Cancer and he had to do a lot of traveling from Delhi to Odisha. Because of both his job, the health of his mother, and of course the UPSC exams.

He said in an interview that he used to dedicate 6 to 7 hours in preparing for the UPSC on a daily basis. He also took Sociology as his optional paper. In an interview Animesh attributed his source of reliance for the preparation to online resources. Because he did not have the time due to his job and other commitments to enroll himself in any coaching institutions for the preparation.

Animesh Pradhan’s Success Story

Animesh Pradhan credits his success solely to his family, his father for instilling in him the dream to become an IAS, his mother for being his strength despite her dwindling health, and his sister for being with him through thick and thin and making the whole thing possible.

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