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How to study for the IAS exam without taking coaching?

Aspirants preparing for the IAS exam often get stacked with loads of preparation techniques that are often recommended by experts. Though experts always recommend the best, still, student’s find themselves in a dilemma as to how and in what manner they should begin the preparation. Especially, those who avoid taking coaching due to any reason, find the situation tough.

As you know, the IAS exam preparation is something that recalls great monetary resources as a backhand support system. What if, an aspirant can’t afford the cost of taking coaching in metropolitan cities? Is there any preparation strategy to support such students through which they can make the best use of learning tricks (other than coaching classes)?

The common answer to the above-mentioned queries lies within the below-mentioned ways through which, a student can easily score well in the exam.

Begin to study at home

Aspirants who can’t afford to take coaching while residing in metropolitan cities are advised to begin their studies from home. Living expenses of a metropolitan city are the biggest expenditure for the students. The aspirants who come from distant locations can’t afford to pay those hefty bills for laundry, electricity, and food. To avoid such things, you can try the option to study from home. Gather all the relevant material at home and start preparing.

Ask queries to experts through a digital model of learning

Once you have started the IAS Exam preparation, it’s obvious that you face a few queries that require expert advice. Since you can’t afford to take coaching classes, you can make out things with the help of the digital world. E-learning is a blessing for such students. Students can find the best resources on the digital platform. Also, they can ask queries to experts available online without spending a pinch of their fortune.

Not only has this, but digital resources such as e-notes, mock test papers, and relevant study materials offered the best supportive hands to the learners.

Do I need to buy those expensive books for self-study?

Well, that’s the most common question asked by most aspirants. It’s not necessary that you have to purchase those heavily charged books and study materials to carry forward your self-study learning approach. You can either pick those newspapers and magazines or go through them to have a complete insight into current affairs. Such resources are highly accustomed to the latest information about the current happenings around the country and the world. Thus, while sitting in your home, you can easily gain the verge over that expensive mode of learning.

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Does following a good study group will help me in any way?

Yes, of course, such things surely result in gaining updated information on the exam and learning pattern. You can find the groups within your reach and have a healthy discussion about the exam and preparation methods. This way, you can stay in touch with the latest information on the IAS exam.

While preparing for the IAS exam without taking any IAS coaching, you must always make a smart move. You can jot down the short notes during your study tenure and keep them for quick revision at the time of the final attempt. The digital learning approach is quite effective and you can use it to achieve great success in your attempt.

Those who are facing money crunches or can’t afford to go for expensive IAS coaching in Delhi will find the digital way of learning along with the self-study approach, more fruitful.

Thus, begin with a well-planned learning strategy and believe in yourself that you can smoothly reach your career goal.

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