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Unacademy Review

UPSC is one of the major sought-after fields that students dream to pursue and conquer after they finish their studies. As the number of aspirants is growing over time, innumerable coachings and online platforms have opened up. They aim to provide UPSC Coaching and mentoring to the new aspirants to help them crack the UPSC examination. Here is one of them Coaching Platforms named Unacademy. Before investing your time and money read out Unacademy Review by Pulse Phase Team.

Unacademy.com is one stop solution for UPSC CSE, SSC, bank Exams, IIT JEE / NEET Coaching and all state Level exams preparation in India, At Unaacademy.com you can choose the online course whichever you want to join.

Unacademy is one of the major growing online platforms that is running with the aim of providing preparation material for several professional and educational entrance exams. It is an Indian online education technology company which is based in Bangalore. Although it was originally created as a YouTube channel by Gaurav Munjal in 2010.

Today, Unacademy is a $117-million start-up. It is ranked among the top sites for preparing for competitive examinations such as civil services, state government posts, admissions to IITs and IIMs, and several other courses.

PulsePhase Insight About Unacademy:

PulsePhase rates Unacademy Review a 65 out of 100. This online coaching platform has:

  1. Experienced Teachers– Unacademy has attracted many teachers with a value proposition based on earnings and independence to work. This attracts teachers from the best of learning and coaching institutes who teach students with online lectures and videos.
  1. Premium content and low cost- Unacademy has been aiming at providing education for all. Many students prepare for the UPSC examination with the online lectures available on the Unacademy app. Aspirants can prepare with the resources provided by them online without paying a hefty price.
  1. Unacademy plus- Unacademy also gives an option of a subscription plan. Students can subscribe to a package, and receive all the material in a cohesive plan.

This way aspirants can

Prepare from the material they need instead of being burdened by too many live classes and reading material. It helps aspirants by giving them a 24×7 high-quality study material on their smartphones and laptops.

  1. Doubt clearing sessions- Unacademy educators also conduct live doubt clearing sessions. They give an in-depth explanation of anything and everything required by an aspirant.

Aspirants also have a chance to be a part of a peer-to-peer learning program supervised by the Educator. Educators also engage with them directly on a live session. Moreover, Lecture notes are also available on the group post for every live class.

Unacademy Average Rating on Various Social Media Platforms:

Google – N/APulsePhase – 65/100
Edugorilla – 2.5/5Our Education – 3.5/10
Mouthshut – 2.4/5Unacademy app – 4.5/5
Exam Bazaar – N/AFacebook – 4.3/5

Unacademy Review: Pros. & Cons. of joining Unacademy:

Pros. of joining Unacademy:

  • The Unacademy website provides current affairs for UPSC and mock questions on a daily basis.
  • The tutorials are short and brief saving an aspirants time.
  • Some of the former bureaucrats like Roman Saini and Awdhesh Singh are directly involved in delivering lectures This enhances the credibility and authenticity of the lessons provided at Unacademy.
  • It has a great faculty who are experienced in the UPSC teaching field and they communicate very well which help in better understanding.
  • Summary of the newspaper is also available. It saves the aspirant time on reading the whole newspaper.
  • Unacademy also offers a lot of crash courses which are helpful in your revisions at the last time before your exam.

Unacademy Review: Cons. of joining Unacademy:

  • As per reviews by students many courses are started without proper planning and no fixed sequence is followed. As a result aspirants have to use their own wisdom to selectively enroll for the lessons.
  • As per students in some topics the depth that is required to crack the question from a particular topic is missing.
  • Aspirants have to take a subscription to Unacademy plus to have proper study material. There are limited online lectures available for students who do not have a subscription to Unacademy plus.
  • There are a large number of students in many classes.
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FAQs: Some common questions asked about Unacademy App:

Q1: Can students use Unacademy free of cost?

Answer: Unacademy is free of cost. It’s a great online learning platform that provides recorded videos on topics that students can prepare for. However, the material provided free is limited and students have to take a subscription to Unacademy plus for proper study material and live classes.

Q2: Is Unacademy good for IAS exam preparation?

Answer: Unacademy alone is not sufficient for the UPSC preparation. You have to give some extra hours for your self study. Although it helps in setting your right path of preparation . Their courses are also designed to help you with the syllabus by making things shorter and easier to understand.

Q3: Which courses are worth following at Unacademy?

Answer: Courses which are worth following for UPSC are:

  • Roman Saini’s Environment and Ecology.
  • Abhishek Srivastav’s Ancient, medieval and modern history course.
  • Arpita Prakash’s Geography course on NCERTS.
  • Agam Jain’s Summary of ancient history.

Q4: What is the Subscription fee for Unacademy plus course?

Answer: The fee for a 1 year subscription is Rs. 44000.

Q5: What is the quality of Unacademy study materials?

Answer: The major plus point about preparing at Unacademy is that students can choose which educator they want to follow and can prepare for the exam with the help of the teacher they like. One can learn at his/her own pace and also anywhere

Also it is very convenient to have just one place for your language, exam preparation, motivation, personality development, GK and current affairs. With the right approach an aspirant can prepare for UPSC with the help of Unacademy in the right direction.

Unacademy Contact details:

Address: Ground floor, Park Plaza, 353, 12th A Cross Rd, Binnamangala, Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

E-mail: help@unacademy.com

Website: http://unacademy.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unacademy/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCABe2FgVNv2hgBeMu2mySVg