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Yash Jaluka AIR 4 UPSC Topper 2020 Success Story

Yash Jaluka has cleared the UPSC exam with AIR 4. He belongs to Jharkhand and he cracked the UPSC exam in his first attempt. He has fulfilled his dream at the age of 26 and makes his parents proud. He started his preparation just after graduation and with his hard work and dedication he clears the most difficult exam in India. Every year lakhs of students appear for UPSC but only a few students are selected. With proper time management and perfect study, one can clear the UPSC exam.

Yash Jaluka shares his strategy about how he cleress the most difficult exam and gets AIR 4 in the UPSC exam.

Biography of Yash Jaluka

Yash Jaluka was born in Dhanbad, district of Jharkhand. His father Manoj Jaluka is an iron businessman. His mother’s name is Shobha Juluka. He has two sisters and a brother. Yash Jaluka has completed his early studies till the 8th from Denobli school. He completed his 10th and 12th from Delhi Public school Bokaro district of Jharkhand. After that, he moved to Delhi for Graduation. Yash completed his graduation and Post-graduation from Kirori Mal College, Delhi. During graduation, he started preparation for the UPSC examination. With his hard work, he cleared the UPSC examination on his first attempt.

Yash Jaluka didn’t take any coaching for UPSC exam preparation. He believed in himself and started self-preparation for UPSC. His dedication and focused aim for becoming an IAS gave him the strength and the result proves it right. He is an inspiration for all the aspirants who can’t join coaching classes. He says, if you are capable, you can definitely clear the UPSC exam without the help of any coaching. He took Economics as an optional subject for UPSC examination. He has had a clear aim of becoming a civil servant since childhood. So, he prepared for it accordingly. Yash Jaluka has proved if you are serious for your aim, you will definitely achieve it.

Yash Jaluka’s UPSC Marksheet

Yash Jaluka’s UPSC mark sheet is given below:-

Mains Total Marks851
Interview marks195
Total marks1046

IAS preparation strategy of Yash Jaluka

Yash Jaluka shares his preparation strategy about how he plans to crack the UPSC exam in his first attempt. Yash jaluka never joined any coaching classes for the preparation of UPSC. He has done all the preparation by self study. It’s a dream of every UPSC aspirant to clear it in his first attempt. By following Yash Jaluka’s preparation strategy anyone can make their own way to prepare for UPSC examination.

  • Time management is the most important aspect of UPSC examination. Yash always studies for a minimum of 8 hours in a day. If you learn to manage your time according to the syllabus, you can easily clear the exam.
  • Understanding the syllabus is the most important part of the preparation. When you know the syllabus and pattern of the exam, you can prepare according to the syllabus.
  • The UPSC exam is not an easy exam and it’s a long process, so it’s important to stay motivated. Don’t get hopeless with the failures. Try to learn from it.
  • Exam fear is quite normal for every student but have faith and believe in yourself. Don’t get nervous. Yash advises all the students to stay calm and whenever you feel demotivated, talk to your family members. It will boost your confidence again.
  • Make proper notes on each topic. It will help you to revise important topics.
  • For current affairs preparation Yash used to read the newspaper daily and make notes of it. Apart from this, the journals and current affairs magazines help him a lot in preparation.

Yash Jaluka wants to work for the development of Jharkhand state. He believes hard work is the only key to success. Yash Jaluka cleared UPSC in his first attempt. It’s the result of his hard work and dedication. Family support is equally important for motivation. So, believe in yourself and do your best.

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1. In which attempt Yash cleared his UPSC exam?

Answer – Yash cleared UPSC exam in his first attempt.

2. From which Indian state Yash belongs?

Answer – Yash belongs to Jharkhand state.

3. Has Yash joined coaching for UPSC preparation?

Answer – No, Yash did his UPSC preparation via self study.

4. How many marks did he score in the UPSC interview?

Answer – Yash scored 195 marks in UPSC interview.

5. What was his optional subject in the UPSC exam?

Answer – Yash opted for Economics as optional subject in the UPSC exam.