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Top 5 Best IAS Coaching In Agra for UPSC 2024

Are you looking for the best institutes for IAS preparation in Agra? Read this article to get all important information such as facilities, features, success stories, and fee structure about the best IAS coaching in Agra.

India’s most popular exam, the UPSC, needs special treatment to crack. So the best way to clear the IAS exam is by taking admission to the best IAS academy for competitive examination in India.

There are a lot of people who think only big cities are capable of providing quality education, which is completely wrong. Some of the best IAS coaching institutes in Agra are setting an example for everyone. They not only provide quality education at minimal fees but also their students show the best result in the UPSC exam.

Best IAS Coaching in Agra

The Pulse Phase team has researched the best IAS coaching in Agra. Below is the list of top 5 IAS coaching centers along with its features and advantages.

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First Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Agra 2024 is

#1. Centre for Ambition

Best institute for UPSC preparation in Agra

About the institute

One of the top-rated institutes in Agra is the Centre for Ambition. It is highly appreciated by students and recommended by professionals. It has helped over 2000 students to achieve their dreams of getting a government job. You can study in this premier institute of Agra and confirm your seat in the IAS exam.

Why you should join the Centre for Ambition?

Excellent result: The Centre for ambition IAS Institute is one of the most successful coaching institutes in Uttar Pradesh. The students of CFA secure the top ten rank in the UPSC exam every year. The result of the CFA Institute has been impressive in the last five years.

Experienced faculty: The teaching faculty of CFA is highly qualified and professional. They have more than 10 years of teaching experience and they very well know how to bring the best out of every student.

Unique classroom session: The classroom session of CFA is uniquely designed for every kind of student. The teachers of CFA help freshers as well as those students who have been preparing for the UPSC exam for months or years. The classroom is equipped with all kinds of necessary technical gadgets such as computers, projectors, etc.

Courses available in CFA IAS Institute

  • Pre Foundation Batch: It is a five years integrated programme, which covers the entire UPSC syllabus.
  • Foundation Batch: It is a three years programme for students who are pursuing their graduation.
  • Regular Batch: It covers General Studies and optional subjects of the Mains examination.

Personal Interview preparation and test series solving. They provide the best way to practice and prepare for the UPSC exam.

Contact details

Address: 29, Kailash Vihar, St. Conrad’s Inter College (behind), Khandari, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Email ID: hello@centreforambition.com

Phone no: +91-9720999654

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Second Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Agra 2024 is

#2. Vajirao and Reddy IAS institute

The excellent study material for IAS preparation

About the institute

The Vajirao and Reddy IAS institute has been imparting knowledge since 1989. It is helping students to prepare for the UPSC exam. Their students are excelling in various government competitive exams. More than 140 students qualified UPSC in 2018 and four students secured ranks in the top 10.

Why you should join Vajirao and Reddy IAS institute

Best Study material: Vaijirao and Reddy IAS institute is a premier institute in Agra. It provides effective study material to its students for the IAS preparation. The notes and handouts provided by Vaijirao and Reddy IAS institute are prepared by professionals, so these are crisp and very helpful for the students.

Best memorizing technique: This institute provides various techniques to learn, understand, and memorize the chapters of the subject. The students learn how to manage their time and study effectively. As we all know that the UPSC syllabus is vast and broad, thus needs proper time management and guidance to cover it. Vajirao and Reddy IAS institute provides facility to its students to learn tricks and techniques about IAS preparation.

Fees and Payments: Vajirao and Reddy institute offers affordable fees structure to their students so that they can study in the top IAS coaching in Agra. They take payments through debit cards or online payment methods. It also provides free counseling to the students before admission.

IAS Coaching in Hindi & English language: Here students can prepare for the UPSC exam in both languages, Hindi & English. The teaching faculty of Vajirao and Reddy IAS institute has good knowledge of both the languages. The teachers of this institute are highly qualified and professional.

Courses available in Vajirao and Reddy institute

  • Full-time complete IAS course (Prelims + Mains + Optional subject), duration – 11months
  • General studies Prelims and Mains, duration – 10months
  • Civil Services Aptitude Test
  • Optional subjects – History, Public Administrations, Political Science, and Geography
  • Foundation course, duration – 3months

Contact details

Address: 37 – 1, Dayal Bagh Road, new Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Email id: info@vajiraoinstitute.in

Phone no.: 0562-4301880

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Third Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Agra 2024 is

#3. Dhyeya IAS Academy

Most IAS success stories

About the institute:

Dhyeya IAS has been preparing students for prestigious job positions in Indian Administration since 2003. It is helping IAS aspirants to live their dreams by qualifying the UPSC exam. The aim and mission of this institute are to provide quality education to aspirants without discrimination them on the basis of caste, race, religion, financial status, and gender.

Why you should join Dhyeya IAS?

Here are a few reasons why you should join Dhyeya IAS:

Success stories: They have many success stories by their name. Many of Dhyeya IAS institute’s students have qualified the UPSC exam after preparing here.

Amazing Classroom training: The classroom training session of this IAS institute is the best in the Agra. They have qualified teachers and professionals to train students. The coaching institute has facilities of the internet, library, and also, provides stationary to its students.

Sample papers and tests: Regular tests and mock interviews are taken to prepare the students for the UPSC prelims, mains, and personal interviews.

Effective study material: Study material provided to students is crisp, updated, and useful.

Other advantages: They have the facility of distance learning programmes for the students living outside Agra. Also, they provide scholarships to those students who are economically backward.

Courses available in Dhyeya IAS

  • Full-time classroom Programme for UPSC
  • Distance learning programme
  • Live streaming lectures
  • Online courses

Contact Details:

Address: 37-1, Dayal bagh Road near t-mart, Vidya Nagar, New Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Email ID: info@dhyeyaias.com.

Phone no.: +91-7017905563, +91-9997414249

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Fourth Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Agra 2024 is

#4. Rising IAS Academy

Best IAS faculty in Agra

About the institute

One of the most popular IAS institutes in Agra is Rising IAS Academy. It was founded by Ravi R. Chokkalingam in 2007. More than 800 students were selected from this coaching institute in the UPSC exam. This coaching institute is a huge success in Agra and planning to expand its branches in PAN India.

Why you should join the Rising IAS Academy?

Test series: The Rising IAS Academy provides test series, sample papers, and mock test papers for the preparation of the students.

Best faculty: They have extremely qualified teaching faculty and staff. The teaching methodology is excellent and very effective for the students.

Courses available in Rising IAS Academy

  • General Studies
  • Optional Subjects
  • IAS coaching for Mains + Prelims
  • Mock interview

Contact details:

Address: Khandari crossing, NH-2 bypass, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Phone no.: 09368547170

Email: query@risingias.in

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Fifth Rank in the List of Best IAS Coaching in Agra 2024 is

#5. Eten IAS Academy

Well-known UPSC coaching in Agra

About the institute:

Eten IAS Academy is well-known for UPSC coaching in Agra. It is a technology-driven coaching institute, which keeps its students informed and updated through technology. They provide several programmes, which are suitable for students living in Agra and outside the State.

They provide expert guidance and professional training to their students. It is the best IAS coaching in Agra.

Why you should join Eten IAS?

Academic session: The session of the Eten IAS Academy is uniquely designed for all students. It provides students to grasp everything taught in the class easily.

Limited batches: They take limited students in one batch. They don’t overcrowd the class. So it becomes easy for every student to get equal opportunity to learn and clear their doubt. Also, teachers are able to guide every student properly.

Flexible timings: They have several timings, which is well-suited for students who are taking regular and part-time classes.

Courses available in Eten IAS

  • General Studies Foundation weekday
  • General Studies Foundation Weekend
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Optional subject courses
  • Interview guidance

Contact Details

Address: Eten IAS, Civil Lines, 125-A, North Vijay Nagar Colony, Agra

Phone no.: 09654200517, 09654200523

Sum up

You can achieve your dreams through proper guidance, sheer determination, and hard work. You should not let your dream die, also prepare for it in the best possible way. Take admission in any of the top 5 IAS coachings in Agra and fulfill your dream of becoming an IAS and IPS officer.

Get ready for the best training of the IAS exam with the above best IAS coaching institutes in Agra and clear the UPSC. For more information about the top 5 IAS coaching in Agra, contact them through emails or phone numbers. Also, to get more information about the fee structures of these best IAS coaching in Agra visits the website.