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Youngest IAS officer in Kerala

Many dream to clear the IAS exam and there are some who break records along with clearing the exam. In this article, we are going to talk about S Susree, Youngest IAS officer in Kerala who cleared the exam at the age of 23 and currently serving the country as an IPS officer.

Civil Services exams are considered one of the toughest exams in India to take. There are three parts of the exam which makes it even tougher. But, there are some UPSC aspirants who just not clear the exams but also set a higher benchmark for the next generation.

S Susree

This story is of S Susree, a daughter of retired CRPF personnel who hung his boot to support his daughter in the UPSC preparation. His name is Sunil Kumar and he was part of the security team protecting then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

S Susree belongs to the Kollam district in Kerala.

A Life-Changing Moment of Youngest IAS officer of Kerala

S Susree was amongst the lucky ones who got a chance to present a bouquet to our ex-Prime Minister Singh and his wife Gurcharan Kaur.

When PM Singh asked about her dreams then she naively replied that she aspires to become a Civil Servant.

Further, Mr. Singh blessed her and knew that his blessing would motivate her so much that she would clear this mother of all exams in her first attempt.

A great example of good parenting

Susree is the right example of hard work and discipline. Moreover, she didn’t even take any coaching to clear the exam. Her father supported her during the preparation and he even left his job for her dream. He was part of the Special Protection Group who was then responsible for protecting Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

She was also guided by N Ramachandran (Former DGP of Meghalaya and Assam). But her real motivation was her meeting with Prime Minister Mr. Manhoman Singh which shaped her life of becoming a civil servant.

Notably, she was only 22 years old when she cleared the exam.

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S Susree Marks & Rank:

Susree passed the exam with 51.46% marks. In which, she got 858 in her Mains and 184 in her interview. Finally, She managed to secure All India 151 Rank.

Watch Her Interview at Amrita TV

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People Also ask

Question – Who was the first IAS officer?

Ans – Satyendra Nath Tagore was the first IAS officer of India. When he took the examination, IAS was known as Imperial Civil Services and he had to go to London for preparation.

Question – Who is the youngest IAS officer of India?

Ans – Ansar Ahmad Shaikh is the youngest IAS officer of India who cleared the exam in 21 years of age. – Read Success Story of Ansar Ahmad Shaikh

Question – Can I become IAS at 21?

Ans – Certainly, any aspirant who wants to become IAS, can take the Civil Services examination and become IAS. The minimum age requirement is 21 years.

Question -Who is the best IAS officer in Kerala?

Ans- There are many best IAS officers in Kerala and S Susree is also one of them. Also, check out the list of Top 10 IAS Officers in India

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